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SWB (panel van)

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Volume capacity:
550 cubic feet
15 cubic metres

Volume capacity:
350 cubic feet
10 cubic metres

Volume capacity:
66 cubic feet
1.8 cubic feet

Payload length:
13 feet/4 metres

Payload length:
10.5 feet/3.2 metres

Payload length:
5.25 feet/1.6 metres

Payload width:
7.5 feet/2.4 metres

Payload width:
5.7 feet/1.7 metres

Payload width:
3.3 feet/1 metres

Payload height:
7.2 feet/2.18 metres

Payload height:
5.10 feet/1.78 metres

Payload height:
3.8 feet/1.13 metres

Total vehicle length:
21.4 ft plus 4.11 tail lift
6.5 plus 1.5 for tail lift

Total vehicle length:
18 feet
5.5 metres

Total vehicle length:
14 feet
4.3 metres

Total vehicle height:
9.10 feet/3 metres

Total vehicle height:
8.2 feet/2.5 metres

Total vehicle height:
5.11/1.8 metres



The Final Countdown – You Are Moving  


Finally, the moment when you and your family decided to move to a new home has come. You have managed to pass through many ups and downs from contracts, documents and bank lending to searching buyers for the old home. When all that is behind you now and everything is supposed to be as easy as a pie, you should start organizing the process of moving. Here are some tips that will help you start preparing early in order to reduce the risk of problems at the last moment: 


About 3 months before the day 

Good planning means you start early enough and plan all the details included in that important and quite tough process of relocation. This is the right time to create a special folder in which to collect all necessary documents and a list of things to do if you move to a new neighborhood or city, get maps of the place and mark all the important places, such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, banks. Create a detailed budget list for the relocation, including all the money you would need for transportation, packaging, repairs, insurance, etc. If you have not told your children for the move yet, now is the time to do it so that they would have enough time to spend with their friends and say goodbye to them. At that stage you should also consider all the details concerning the removal company you would use; take the final decision for the one that will transport your belongings and make sure you have checked all the conditions and the prices included in the service contract. 

The Final Countdown – You Are Moving 


About 2 months before the day 

Sketch the distribution of the rooms in your new home and do a complete review of your current furniture. That way you will decide if they fit in the new environment. If you are confident that some items will not fit or match the interior, consider selling them and buying new ones. If you have a pet, don't forget the last meeting with the vet for examination and vaccination records – you should also ask for advice on how to transport him in the safest way. Update your notebook with addresses and telephone numbers; specify the people who need to be informed about the moving. Consider what you can start packing now  for example, things you use seasonally. If you pack your stuff yourself, start collecting boxes and other necessary packaging materials. 


About a month before the day 

Make sure you are ready with all the necessary documents – for the move of the kids in a new school; for the entry or exit of services such as cable television or telephone; visit your bank and arrange the necessary transfers and documents. Throw away or give to someone all those items that you cannot or do not want to take with you. Confirm again all the details of the moving day with the company you hired. 


A few days before the day 

Empty the refrigerator and garbage bins, clean the appliances and fittings.Create a package of essentials that you will take with you and provide enough money for urgent needs and emergencies. 


At moving day 

Supervise the loading of all items to avoid leaving any of them behind. Don't forget to give enough time to your kids and family to say goodbye to the house before you start the journey to your new life. 







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